Conquer Your Battle With Emotional Eating, Once and For All

And take back your power over food (without all the crippling overwhelm, debilitating anxiety and feeling like you are a failure)

Conquer Your Battle With Emotional Eating, Once and For All

And take back your power over food (without all the crippling overwhelm, debilitating anxiety and feeling like you are a failure)

If you are a woman who turns to food for comfort, treats herself with food for a “job well done” or feels like food is calling her name and you are looking to overcome emotional eating and get freedom from thinking about food all the time, then you likely already know you need to deal with the emotions that are really bothering you.

So, I’ll spare you the lecture.

No need to be a broken record and try to convince you of something that you’ve already told yourself a million times, or more.

After all, you probably already know that dealing with the emotions that are bothering you is the key tipping point that will allow you to stop stress eating, mindlessly snacking and self-sabotaging your efforts to be healthy.

You’ve probably also heard that mindfulness is a key method for overcoming emotional eating that with practice, you can succeed.



Even if you’ve been an emotional eater for as long as you can remember, use food for comfort or feel like food is calling your name, learning the (simple!) mindset shifts for how to deal with your emotions can:


Even if you’ve tried to stop snacking a million times before, once you learn the easy Excuse Prevention Method you will drastically improve your ability to avoid snacking when you get stressed out, allowing you to have peace of mind and not eat your way through your next crisis.


Gain improved self-confidence, more success with reaching your goals and feeling in control of food as you learn to boss your thoughts and start making better-for-you choices, in the heat of the moment.


Make hanging out with friends and family a time of fellowship and real connection, not just another excuse to overeat and indulge, therefore avoid feeling overly stuffed, lethargic and finally stop asking yourself “why did I do that, again?”


Learning how to deal with your emotions makes you the boss of food. You’ll no longer have to rely on willpower to avoid mindlessly eating the whole bag of chips, popcorn or even the entire sleeve of cookies and saying “how did that happen?” and then wondering why you’re still hungry. Instead, you’ll recognize the triggering emotion when it hits, get control of your thoughts and instead of avoiding the issue at hand, you will have the freedom to confidently deal with your emotions without turning to food.

Even though the reasons to deal with your emotional eating are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but



Sure, but which one to try this time? Perhaps in your moments of highest motivation, you’ve made the commitment to start again.


You’ve talked to friends, done several google searches, read success stories of others who have overcome emotional eating with a particular program, and maybe even looked at your budget to see if you could swing the cost of yet another one.

If you’re super committed, maybe you’ve even signed up for a few newsletters or even for a 30-day challenge, assuring yourself that you’d join in every day and do it all this one last mystical, pie-in-the-sky time.

Even with the best intentions, most who want to overcome emotional eating end up quitting the challenge a few days in or never even read the newsletters, allowing sadness, self-doubt and gripping disappointment to swoop in with a vengeance, leaving them to wallow in despair at yet another failed attempt to slay the fire-breathing emotional eating dragon.


Moving on... Here’s why most would-be emotional eating overcomers abandon their efforts. Without a super clear step-by-step protocol to immediately use to deal with your emotions, most would-be emotional eating overcomers completely lose their motivation, get discouraged and quit.

They fall victim to peer pressure, or worse, the voices in their head repeatedly telling them that it’s ok to give in this one time, that it won’t hurt anything if they have a handful of popcorn, chips, or 3 cookies; maybe the culprit is their lack of a compelling enough “why” to push them through the incessant craving/urge to soothe their emotions with food.

Here’s why this is so irreversibly crippling. As a woman with a full life, friends, family, and a day job to hold down, you literally can not afford to keep letting your emotional eating hold you back from your goals and living your best life.

Those moments when you keep giving in to the urges and cravings to soothe your emotions and it’s nearly impossible to stop yourself and put down the snacks? I get it - you're not alone.

Therefore, learning the mindset tools and the Excuse Prevention Method are a few of the main things you need to have at your disposal immediately.

Luckily for you, there are actually very few people out there who are doing it right. In all likelihood, you either keep trying and have repeatedly failed at this or have tried so many things that you have even given up entirely.


That means even if you’ve always known what to do, there is still a golden opportunity for you to step up your game, stop your snacking and tame those urges that are as strong as the crash of a big ocean wave. That is if you can avoid the dangerous pitfall of relying on your sheer willpower to see yourself through them, like you’ve done in the past.


  • They are people pleasers - they put everyone else’s needs before their own

  • They seek comfort, possibly from a painful past or the misery of their current lives

  • They are bored or lonely or angry or even happy

  • They are stressed out


Dealing with your emotions isn’t impossible or unattainable, but there are many layers to un-peel and potential moments of sadness along the way. You might be telling yourself "I don’t want to bring up issues and risk upsetting anyone", "there’s nothing I can do to change the situation" or "I’d rather not go back in time and drudge up those memories". These are just a few of the many feelings you may have to deal with along the way to defeating emotional eating.

Most women approach dealing with their emotions as something to suppress, hide or avoid. That’s the belief we’re deconstructing here. But the thing is, you can’t treat overcoming emotional eating as just another motivation, self-help or mindset strategy, tactic or system. It’s an immensely valuable and fragile opportunity that, when approached correctly, can allow you to not only safely allow those feelings you are currently avoiding but also begin to have more joy in your life.

Shhhh....I’m going to let you in on a

Even though the popularity of mindset training materials is a MASSIVE and quickly growing area, its not an evenly distributed one. A few people will try out the HEAVILY advertised and celebrity endorsed national programs while others will shy away, doing nothing, and stay stuck.

The main reason for this, as you’ve likely seen by now, is that while the barriers to starting these programs is relatively easy, the barriers to sticking with them towards effective execution are high. Effective execution is emphasized here for a reason.

But, as long as you can avoid the biggest minefields that cripple most emotional eaters, the path is paved for you to finally deal with your emotions, one that allows you to stop stress eating, mindlessly snacking, using food for comfort and defeating your willpower while keeping you on track towards achieving your health goals.

The key to all of this is learning how to become the boss of your brain.

With your permission, I’d LOVE to show you how to gain the control over food that you’ve been seeking.


The Food Boss Academy

With Lauryn Bryght

The complete A-Z mind-map guide for confidently dealing with your emotions without having to go too deep.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned while maintaining a 97-pound weight loss and helping 100s of others do the same, and channeled this into a comprehensive step-by-step program that not only teaches you proven brain science and industry-researched psychological material, but also the execution of how you can do the same.

The Food Boss Academy isn’t so much a training program to teach you ‘what to do’ as it is an implementation program for ‘how to do it’.

Yes, you’ll learn the strategies and mindset shifts needed for everything you do, but also, and more importantly, you’ll have a meticulous step-by-step program that leaves nothing out and takes nothing for granted as you implement it.

The Food Boss Academy is the first program of its kind that is built with focused rapid and effective implementation in mind.

No filler, no unnecessary modules and no extraneous or premature exercises that look sexy and promising on the surface but do nothing but overwhelm you and sabotage your progress. It teaches you how to be the boss your brain and be in charge of your thoughts, the 80/20 of what you need to do and how you need to respond when faced with stress, boredom, loneliness or overwhelm so that you are able to comfortably say "no" to snacking and stay in control when you are around food, especially in social situations.

Since The Food Boss Academy is an implementation program, you’ll be exercising, but it will be with your mind and your pen with a notebook, not with your body or a bike. Not only do I make it ridiculously simple, but I also take nothing for granted and go step-by-step to make sure you are confident about overcoming your emotional eating.

So, if you’re ready to deal with your emotions while also not having to go too deep, here’s how we’ll get you there.



Now that you’re ready to face those demanding snack attacks head on, its time to shed some light on them and take control of their hold on you. Here you’ll call them out for who they are, take a look at when they happen, who or what brings them on and how often they occur.

Even if you know these things and have tried to stop snacking a million times in your life, this module will break this down into simple and easy to manage categories that will finally make you feel confident and strong about dealing with your emotions, especially when your motivation gets weak.


  • Name your top five emotions that cause you to snack
  •  Identify your reactions to the emotion
  • Use the Slay-Your-Snack-Attack Tracker that has been created for you to really hone in on what’s happening for you at the moment you indulge in your snacks
  • Implement the 3-Step Snack-Attack Protocol Process I teach to my one-on-one clients and still use myself, that finally puts you in the conductor’s seat of your brain’s often speeding train of streaming thoughts



Once you know what events, people, situations and circumstances cause you to eat emotionally, you’re ready to specifically identify and link them to what you’re feeling at the exact moment you reach for a snack. You’ll take the first step towards identifying the feelings you have before, during and after your snacking event.

Here you’ll list out the feelings you have before you indulge in your snack, wherein your body these feelings show up and you’ll acknowledge how you feel while you’re eating the snack and after you have consumed it as well.

Even if you don’t want to go deep into the reasons “why” you have those feelings, this module will give you the insight and clarity into “how” these feelings are keeping you reaching for snacks, when you really wish you hadn’t.


  • Owning how you feel before you grab the snacks
  • Fessing up to how you feel when you are eating the snacks - no judgement here!
  • Acknowledging how you feel after you have the snacks
  • Claiming how you would like to feel when the snack attack hits you
  • Using my mini-vision board process to paint the picture of how you would like to feel before indulging in all the snacks



With the clear picture of when you emotionally eat vividly in your mind and how you feel when doing so, it’s time to look at your go-to snacks and see what they really mean.

Here you’ll pick your top 3-5 most frequent snack-inducing emotional eating moments and the snacks you often select to avoid dealing with them. You’ll take the unique Food Boss Academy’s What Is Your Snack Personality quiz, the results of which will serve as the starting point for your journey out of the emotional eating abyss.

Even if you think you snack on the same things all the time and there’s no correlation, this module will help you directly link your emotions and your go-to snacks, thus making you feel confident about your ability to overcome the habit of eating your emotions.


  • Are you a pickles & celery or popcorn & potato chips kinda woman?
  • Is an ice cream sundae you or a layer cake with frosting more your speed?
  • Maybe you’re more the french fries and ketchup girl or might you be the macaroni and cheese type?
  • Carbonated soda, sports drinks, grapes or jello got your name on 'em?
  • Quiz & quiz results showing what these snacks reveal about your emotional eating style and what to do to confidently prevail



Now that you have a solid grasp on the when, what and how of your emotional eating, its time to look at what’s driving these feelings and, wait for it... it’s not what you might guess!

Here you’ll learn not only how your feelings are really driven by your thoughts, but also how to think about what you’re thinking about so that you can begin to reign supreme over your brain. This is all about looking at the present moment, not what happened in the past!

Even if you’ve avoided certain feelings for fear of hurt, disappointment or any other reason (known or unknown) this module will teach you how to unpack your thoughts without fear of digging too deep and having to pour your heart out.


  • Learn and recognize how thoughts determine your feelings
  • How to think the thoughts for the feelings you want
  • Dealing with the thoughts you have about the emotions you’ve been avoiding
  • Refreshing your thoughts and crafting new feelings



At this point you have gotten in touch with your feelings annnnnd thoughts. It’s now time to learn the key things you can do and to develop the skills to manage your thoughts so that when you get that urge to emotionally eat, you can confidently let it drift right past you.

Here is where you will learn the 4 Keys To Escaping Emotional Eating process that will serve as the backbone of your new lifestyle of dealing with your emotions without using food.

Even if you’ve told yourself before that you know what to do and that you can do it on your own, this module is all about you using the simple 4 Keys To Escaping Emotional Eating process and incorporating the easy-to-follow steps into your lifestyle, making you feel confident about not using food for comfort when you are either alone, out with family or friends, or at any of your trigger locations or events.


  • You have the power, now how do you break the chains that are keeping you stuck and continuing to emotionally eat
  • Learn the golden rules for creating an environment of success that will render your triggers powerless over you
  • Use my done-for-you templates to craft your own personalized rules of engagement and actions for when triggers rear their ugly head and try to overtake you and sabotage your efforts
  • Build new actions and responses to the triggers using the thought-tracking worksheets with their thought-provoking journal prompts



You’ve mastered the process of dealing with your emotions and overcoming your emotional eating, but what if you actually just still want a snack?! Not to worry, this module’s got your back!!

Here you’ll learn the 3-step process for how to mindfully approach an urge to snack, including how to address the urge so it doesn’t send you into a tailspin of regret for giving in to it or having to use brute force or your waning motivation to resist it. This 3-step process, once learned, can be called upon to help you in any situation where you feel food is just calling your name and you want it to stop.

Even if you’ve tried other strategies and have failed, applying this 3-step process, used by thousands before you, on top of all that you have learned in the previous 5 modules, will make the difference in your success this time to let these users pass you by like two ships in the night.


  • 3-Step Craving and Urge Management Plan
  • Creating your personalized Success PRotocol for managing emotions, triggers and day-today stressors that in the past have led you to emotionally eat
  • Select your better-for-you, non-binge inducing snack foods using the included worksheet
  • Learn the path for going from bingeing on certain foods to resisting them to once and for all, losing the desire for them... and this is BIG!



I put these together because they are related to overall health and I believe they will provide additional support to you along your journey to overcome emotional eating.

Bonus #1
Motivation vs. Habits

  • What’s the difference
  • Which one serves you best
  • How do you know when to rely on one or the other

Bonus #2
What’s Your Big Why

  • Feel better - You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired!
  • Be a better example for your children &/or other family members
  • Prevent health complications that run in your family
  • Feel in control

Bonus #3
Living In Joy

  • Why we need it
  • How to incorporate more of it into your life, starting today!
  • How to make joy a part of your lifestyle

Bonus #4
Goal Setting Like A Boss

  • Why they matter
  • Should I set them
  • How do I set them
  • I’ve set them before, but I never reach them

Bonus #5
Dreamers Are Doers

  • I have goals, do I need dreams as well?
  • Why do I need to have dreams?
  • How do I set a dream - it seems scary!

Meet Your Instructor

Lauryn Bryght is a Life, Health, Wellness, and Pre-Diabetes Lifestyle, Coach. She helps people get started on their weight loss journey, teaches them how to overcome their emotional eating habits, and supports them along the way! She also serves clients who have an elevated A1C level and have been designated by their physician as pre-diabetic.

In addition to losing 97 pounds herself, Lauryn has helped her clients lose hundreds of pounds, learn simple nutrition basics and healthy habits that enable them to keep their weight off! She can do the same for you. She has been invited to speak to large and small groups about her health journey and has been honored to share her wellness story (and recipes!) in print, online and in-person!

She also manages an online subscription membership group which is for women who answer yes to any of the following questions - in other words, it is for those who are looking to overcome their habit of emotional eating.

Here are the questions:

  • Is food a comfort?
  • Do you think about food all the time?
  • When you finish eating, are you already thinking about your next meal?
  • Does it feel like you can never get full?
  • Do you hide food so others won’t know how much you eat, or maybe you go to multiple drive-thru restaurants so your order doesn’t look as large?

You can find her on facebook on instagram and on the web at



Let me say this up front.

The Food Boss Academy is the most comprehensive, step-by-step implementation program for emotional eaters who are excited and COMMITTED right now to overcoming their long-standing habit of using food for comfort, to manage stress or just plain anything other than fuel for their bodies.

Our community is highly-curated and filled with helpful, motivated, inspiring and super supportive members who are finally dealing with their emotions and overcoming their emotional eating in a safe space. When you join, you will be part of this special group.

Now, here’s the kicker.

By the end of these 30 days, you will have received access to the Kick-The-Snack-Attack starter bundle which includes all lessons from Module 1 and all accompanying worksheets.

Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to validate your fortitude and lay the foundation for overcoming emotional eating BEFORE making a final commitment.

If you don’t feel confident and motivated by your resolve to ditch your emotional eating habit (and your ability to stop excessively snacking as part of your lifestyle!), simple reach out to me within 30 days at [email protected], show me that you’ve put in the work, and I’ll refund your investment and you’ll be back on your way to trying to do it on your own again in no time at all.

The Food Boss Academy’s Freedom From Emotional Eating subscription program, a self-paced step-by-step program to help you deal with your emotions, stop mindlessly snacking and overcome your emotional eating.

Here’s what you’re getting when you subscribe to the Food Boss Academy today:


  • Monthly modules, comprised o four or more training videos, accompanying worksheets, exercises, journal prompts and examples and five bonuses as well
  • Access to all the above via free downloadable app to your IOS or Android smartphone, tablet or right from your computer
  • Access to my weekly live training with tips of the week
  • Bi-weekly live office hours with me where you get your questions answered - live!
  • Monthly live training where I cover a new topic every month!
  • Participate in the monthly live group coaching session that I host & where you receive 1:1 coaching or listen to a live coaching session from the comfort of your home, car or wherever you are!
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If I were to offer all of this to you, working in a one-on-one coaching program, the price would be $2,435. But by offering this training as a paid subscription, you can go at your own pace and you’ll get access to it for the special Founder’s Level price of $20 per month (the annual plan of $240) or $29 per month (monthly plan) for as long as your subscription remains active. This special pricing is available until May 7, 2020, after which the prices will increase.

*Founders Level pricing good until 11:00 PM CST on May 7, 2020

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You’re ready to reign supreme over your emotional eating inside The Food Boss Academy ONLY IF:


Can you remind me of everything I’m getting when I subscribe today?

Here’s what you’re getting when you subscribe to the Food Boss Academy today:

    • Monthly modules, comprised of four or more training videos, accompanying worksheets, exercises, journal prompts and examples and five bonuses as well
    • Access to all the above via free downloadable app to your IOS or Android smartphone, tablet or right from your computer
    • Access to my weekly live training with tips of the week
    • Bi-weekly live office hours with me where you get your questions answered - live!
    • Monthly live training where I cover a new topic every month!
    • Participate in the monthly live group coaching session that I host & where you receive 1:1 coaching or listen to a live coaching session from the comfort of your home, car or wherever you are!
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The Food Boss Academy is perfect for you if:

If you said Yes to at least four of the six above, I can’t wait to meet you inside The Food Boss Academy!

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