Lauryn Bryght Programs Work!

Here are just a few stories that highlight the success of the clients who have worked with Lauryn. They've seen incredible change in their health, fitnesss and overall wellness because of their time, dedication and efforts. 

You Can Have this Success, Too!

My favorite thing about the A1C Recipe Club is that it makes you feel that you're not the only one out there that's struggling with A1C. It makes you realize that there are other people in the same or similar shoes as you, and they see drastic improvements. To know that you can just tweak your meals a bit more, you can plan ahead a bit more, and then your meals are pretty much done for the week. You just pack them up, seal them up, and have them there Monday to Friday. They’re done!


Jylinda's Joyful Story

“I was always a “thick” girl and in constantly in search of the newest diet. Temporary diets gave me temporary results and I was content. Unhappy with my appearance, I was always the first to hide for pictures and left the house only when I had to. As I observed other friends making the effort to put their health first I decided it was time for me to do the same. In 7 months I managed to lose 58 pounds!!!
I can honestly say this is the best I’ve ever felt. The consistent chest pain, fatigue, sleepless nights from reflux and prescription refills are an afterthought. I’m no longer just content. I’m ecstatic to say this is my new normal and I feel amazing. I’ve learned the proper way to put myself first through optimal health.”

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

“I had been sick earlier in the year and had gained a lot of weight for the 3 months that I was sick and once I got better, I just couldn't seem to take it off at all. I am glad for this program as I needed a good kick-start! Since being on the program the biggest thing for me is that I’m not hungry! I used to wait until I was past hungry (hangry!) and then I had a tendency to overeat. But now I feel more in control and very comfortable and full.”

-Sandy A

Abra's Amazing Story

“Being heavy most of my life I thought there was no way out. But after making a life style change, gaining some healthy habits and losing 92lbs my first time around, We ended up getting pregnant and having a 3rd baby that we didn’t think was possible without help from fertility doctors. I wanted to be active with my growing family. After the baby was born, I knew what I need to do and it feels truly amazing! Im currently down 77 more pounds after pregnancy and I can’t wait to see where it takes me this time around!”

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

“This program is designed to help you be successful. The coaching, conference calls, text messages, and online community provides motivation, support, and shared experiences. It reinforces that you are not alone in the journey to a healthier lifestyle.”


Lauryn is very honest. It’s like, ‘you don’t have to cut out soda pop if you don’t want to, because you’re grown people,’ but it just tells you all that sugar is the equivalent of X. And then dang, that has a lot of sugar, Huh? So it kind of gets into your subconscious, and you grab the soda pop and go, wow, I could have just picked up a bag of sugar instead and drank it. So she gets into your subconscious. It was a combination of honesty, ‘let me tell you why you should replace sugar with spice,’ and then it was, ‘let me show you how to fix it,’ and then it was ‘let’s fix it together.’“ 

- Renita

Jesse's Jaw-Dropping Story

“I found the picture on the left the other day and I’m still shocked that was me😳😱😱. I was overweight, had low energy, poor sleep and terrible knee and back pain. Dropping almost 100 pounds in a few months saved my life and 4 years later I am able to live a life helping others feel what I feel!πŸ™ŒπŸ½”

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

I just remember true transparency, also thinking about helping someone, another woman of color, which was important. I don't like to cook, so after a long Workday, I'm tired, and I don't feel like doing that. And I know you can do it early in prepping, but then sometimes, on Sunday, I usually just try to chill out to get ready for the next Workday. I think the membership was first and just knowing what Lauren was doing with trying to help people who were pre-diabetic and then just relatable in that sense. So that's what's really helped us start it off.“ 

- Pam

Brian and Linda's Beautiful Story

“We are Brian and Linda! πŸ‘«We made the decision to go on this health journey together, getting even more support of an awesome free health coach, Learning habits of health. Between the two of us not only did we lose 290 pounds (Brian -183 lbs. Linda -107 lbs.)πŸ’₯, but we gained a happy healthier marriage! πŸ™‚We have both maintained our weight loss for one year now and have no fear of ever going back! We celebrated 31 years of marriage this year and feel like newlyweds!❀” — feeling impressed.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018

“I joined in with Lauryn's program, her health village, and cooking. It was fun during COVID, we would do lots of cooking together on Zoom. And the meals she would find were healthier choice foods. Like instead of mashed potatoes, use cauliflower. Learning how to eat differently has maintained with me." 

- Angela

The A1C Recipe Club gave me some recipes, but it was the A1C Health Village that I felt held me accountable in the sense that when we met every week, I knew that I was meeting and, therefore, I wanted to at least have something to contribute to the conversation. It kept me focused on the goal of not eating what I shouldn’t eat." 

- Theresa

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