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Something for Everyone

No matter where you are on your journey, there's a place for you here.

The Health Village Coaching Program

Accountability, inspiration and education for women over 50 who want to increase their commitment to their health and who enjoy the support and growth that comes from a small-group community.

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7 Pillars to a Lower A1C Level

Learn the exact things to do right now to have great bloodwork and lower your hemoglobin A1c level by your next doctor's appointment with food, not additional medication. 

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A1C Health® Meal Planning & Prep!

Take these classes to make meal planning & prepping simple, easy and delicious so that you have healthy options on hand and can answer the age old question: "what's for dinner ?"

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What You Can Expect

By working with me and following my simple program, you will lose weight & learn how to keep it off - even if you are super busy and regularly eat out!! Learn simple nutrition basics and healthy ways of thinking and making better choices - whether at home and or on the go. It's time for optimal health - let's get you to your best self!

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Real Results

Lost 81 Pounds!

Has More Energy!

Feels Amazing!

These are the stories of people who:

โœ” have tried 'diets' and failed

โœ” had given up on anything ever working for them

โœ” thought they were too old

โœ” had too much weight to lose

โœ” were sick and tired of being sick and tired!

They wanted:

โœ” more energy

โœ” to sleep better

โœ” off their diabetes, high blood pressure and other medications!

โœ” their A1C levels down and GONE!

โœ” to dump their CPAP machines

โœ” to rid themselves of many other preventable ailments!


These are also the faces of people who gave it ONE more shot; who showed up for themselves ONE more time.

These folks said YES to themselves!

They made ONE phone call or sent ONE email or sent ONE text message; They each took ONE step towards lifetime transformation and to becoming their best selves.

YOU can too!

With this program, not only did they lose massive amounts of weight, they gained better health readings and greatly improved blood work, they are experiencing happier states of mind and they are beyond ecstatic with how they now look! What will you add to this list?

What do you want to celebrate about your 'new' you!?!?

The program is simple and the results are AMAZING!

I can help you. We can do it together. All that's needed now is YOU!

All That's Needed Is You!

The Awesome Avocado Recipe Printable

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